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HIJI TECHNOLOGY PVT.LTD. is Corporate name of S.K. Water Care working in Water treatement Industries since 2005. Company Started their work with Domestic RO Water Purifier, with in Short period with Domestic Water Purifiers company started Manufacturing in Commercial Ro System, Commercial water Purifier, Industrial Ro Plant, Industrial Water Purifier, Gas Geyser, Water Cooler, Hot & Cold Water Dispensor, Water Chiller, Water Softner, PP Spun Filters, PP Yarn(Wounded) Filter. Today Ro membrane, Ro Booster Pump(Diapharm Pump), Ro, Alkaline RO& Ro Uv water purifier, Ro inline filter & Many More Ro parts in Company Basket & became leading ro plant manufactures in India. by continus effort Company's product became best ro water purifier brand, best gas geyser(instant water heater)brand in india. 1)Domestic Water Purifier Our Domestic Ro Water Purifier is also Known as Ro, Ro Purifier, Reverse Osmosis Purifier, Ro Water Purifier, Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier,Ro plant, Reverse Osmosis Plant, Ro Water Plant, Reverse Osmosis Water Plant, Ro System, Reverse Osmosis System, Ro Machine, Reverse Osmosis Machine, Ro Filter, Reverse Osmosis Filter, Ro plant for Home, Small Water Mineral Water Plant, Alkaline Ro, Ro+Uv Water purifier, Ro+Uv+Uf with Tds Control Water Purifier. Our Ro plant cost Effective, Best Quality 2.Commercial Ro Water Purifier Company's 40Lph Ro, 50 Lph Ro, 70 Lph Ro & 100 Lph Ro Models are Best Price Commercial Ro Water Purifier in India. 3. Industrial Ro Plant Company's 100 Lph, 150Lph, 250 Lph, 500 Lph, 1000 Lph & 2000 Lph plant are Best Price Industrial Ro plant in India.